Swimmer Code of conduct

Ballarat Swimming Club Swimmer Code of Conduct

    • Participate in swimming for fun and enjoyment.
    • Give your best at all times
    • Be courteous and respectful to all including their belongings
    • Respect and support my coach, team manager and those in supporting roles. This includes accepting the coach’s decisions, including relay allocations, without questioning.
    • Accept Officials decisions without questioning.
    • Never use aggressive behaviour or abusive language at any time at training/competitions and when representing the Ballarat Swimming Club
    • Control my temper and take responsibility for all my actions.
    • Attend all training as required and notify the coaches if I can’t attend.
    • Deal with disputes using the appropriate process by addressing any grievances with the appropriate Coach/Team Manager. If you wish a grievance to be discussed at committee level, please submit it in writing to the BSC Committee Secretary.
    • Treat all swimming participants, as you would like to be treated. Do not tease, bully or take unfair advantage of another team member/competitor
    • Help out at the club by volunteering to assist with equipment set up/pack up at the end of training/competitions or applying to assist with coaching junior squads.
    • Not engage in practices that affect sporting performances (alcohol, tobacco and drug use). I also understand that Ballarat Swimming Club has zero tolerance to drugs and, if found guilty, this will result in expulsion from the BSC.
    • Be an upstanding role model both within and when representing the Ballarat Swimming Club.
    In the absence of a parent/guardian, I authorise Ballarat Swimming Club coaches and officials to administer appropriate first aid and medical assistance as deemed necessary, and all costs which may be incurred will be paid by the swimmer/parent/guardian.
    I hereby agree to the terms and understand the conditions set out above.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • if swimmer is Under 18