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Ballarat Swimming Club trains at the Ballarat Aquatic Centre Gilles Street, Ballarat Mondays to Saturdays. Morning sessions commence at 6am and afternoon sessions at 4.30pm. There are sessions to suit Junior, Development and Performance swimmers

To register a new swimmer, please complete the registration and medical consent forms.  These forms will be sent electronically to our Registrations officer who will then be in contact to organise an assessment for your child/self with our head Coach. The club will then facilitate allocation into the appropriate squad.

Ballarat Swimming Club aims to be an inclusive club for all participants, their families and the coaching staff. We expect all involved with the club to adhere to our code of conduct.

Each swimmer needs to complete the ‘Swimmer code of Conduct’ and one parent or Guardian per family is required to complete the ‘Parent Code of Conduct’

Ballarat Swimming Club enjoys a unique membership structure that is best explained in three parts, in which each swimmer is required to be a registered member with:

  • Annual Swimming Victoria Membership Fee

    All BSC members need to be registered with Swimming Victoria (SV) within 4 weeks of commencing swimming with the club. This registration, which is paid online directly to SV, is essential for insurance coverage at training and competitions. Parents must be registered as well for children under 18 years of age. For those who are unable to pay online to SV, please see our Registrations Officer, for a manual registration form that can be returned with payment. However, a manual registration will attract a $20 administration fee as set out by Swimming Victoria.

  • Ballarat Aquatic & Lifestyle Centre Membership Fee

    All BSC members must hold either a BALC Gold/Aquatic Membership or a Swim Multi Visit Pass which enables entry and use of the BALC facilities for training purposes. All members are required to inform BALC reception staff that they are BSC members when purchasing their membership or pass. All members MUST scan their card/pass at reception on every visit to the centre. If you, or your child is currently on a BALC membership that include aquatic access you do not need to do anything other than scan in at reception before entering the centre. Please refer to BALC price list for further details.

  • Ballarat Swimming Club Membership Fee

    contributes to the operation of our not for profit club in respect to delivering coaching & competitions, events & awards, and general club administration. Our Registrations Officer or Treasurer is able to support members select the most appropriate club membership to meet your current needs.

  Junior  Development Performance
 Monday 4.30-5.30pm 6.00-7.45pm 6.00-7.45am
afternoon Gym session
 Tuesday 4.30-5.30pm 6.00-7.45pm
 Wednesday 4.30-6.00pm 6.00-7.45am

 Thursday 4.30-5.30pm 6.00-7.45am
 Friday  6.00-7.45am
 Saturday  6.00-8.00am 6.00-8.00am

All training session run at the Ballarat Aquatic Centre, Gilles Street North, Lake gardens. Ballarat.

Membership Support Fund

All financial support provided by our partners and supporters is allocated to the BSC Members Support Fund. The fund has three main objectives: Engage, Support & Sustain.



The fund exists to benefit members:

  • To meet representative competition costs. The fund will reimburse event entry fees to swimmers at the following representative events: Countries, States and Nationals.

  • Experiencing personal or financial hardship where their BSC club fees are subsidised or waived to support their continued participation as a BSC swimmer.

  • To receive the best coaching support and experience. The fund will support coaching professional development and provision of equipment to sustain and grow the professionalism and capacity of our coaching services.