Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

  • This policy outlines the code of conduct, of which applies to all parents, guardians and spectators. All parents, guardians and spectators must meet these requirements (set out in the statement below) in regard to their conduct during training, competiton or club events.
  • As well as complying to the above code of conduct all Committee members must: • Act in good faith and in the best interest of the sport as a whole • Maintain confidentiality in regard to matters discussed within the committee especially sensitive and/or commercial information • Resolve conflicts fairly and promptly through established policies and procedures • Do not allow prejudice, conflict of interest or bias affect your objectivity • Do not use your position on the committee to gain advantage or preferential treatment for your child/ children direct through your own action or by influencing other committee members, coaches or officials
  • The team managers, club president or committee executive may deal immediately with any breaches of this code by warning offenders about their conduct and/or asking offenders to the leave the venue if required. As outlined in dispute resolution/complaints process policy the Ballarat Swimming Club Committee is responsible for imposing any longer-term consequences such as written warnings, or barring attendance at future events for a period or indefinitely.
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